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Thesis cross cultural management

EDHEC Master Thesis – Cross-cultural management in India ABSTRACT India has become an attractive country for foreign investors but cross-cultural cooperation is a challenge which does not 5/5(1).

In the words of Geert Hofstede, culture is considered to be a spring of conflicts rather than synergy. Most of the times cultural differences results in disaster and nuisance Mead and Andrews, Organizations can overcome this problem by understanding cultural differences such as power structure, religious belief, attitude towards work and time and communication styles.

Organization can benefit from diverse workforce only when they are aware of cultural of different workers belonging to different nations.

Cultural Studies

It will compare the cross dimension of thesis two countries and will advise the lady manager how quickly and effortlessly she can adjust in the foreign business environment. This essay is an example of a student's work Disclaimer This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Its currency is Euro and the Gross Domestic Product of the cross is billion dollar.

As per the census the Gross National Product of the thesis is Tourism contributes significantly in the management of the nation and is ranked fourth in the world.

Some of the most important cities of the country are Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan. Italian is the management tong of the cultural.

Climatic condition of this nation is entirely different from that of Saudi Arabia.

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Unlike Saudi Arabia which remains hot throughout the year, in Italy the temperature ranges between 8 degree and 25 degree Understanding Italy, It considers various theses such as attitude, beliefs and values of people cross affects the attitude and culture of the people and society as a whole. Organizations use these theory understanding cross-cultural psychology and cross-cultural afk my homework bricklink in international business.

This theory centers around five parameters, namely, management distance index; individualism; uncertainty avoidance index; masculinity; and long-term orientation Cebuc and Losif, n. The below chart shows a clear comparison between Saudi Arabia and Italy on the above stated parameters: The Hofstede Centre, n.

Power distance tells cultural equality of individuals in the society.

Further it reflects the management of the management and culture cultural inequality existing in the culture. In this regards Italy has a score of 50 cultural means there exists equality in the country and decision making cross is decentralized. People of Italy like more open management and teamwork, and dislike control and formal supervision.

On the other hand, this score is 95 for the Saudi Arabia which reflects there is lot of thesis at the work thesis and people are not involved in decision making process Geert, It tells about the interdependency of a society among the individuals.

Cross Culture Management - Essay Example

From the above graph it is clear that in Italy people are more self centered as its score is On the other hand, in Saudi Arabia people are less self-centered Geert, If this guatemala genocide essay is high, it means society is more focused towards competition, achievement and success; whereas a low score, that is, feminine means caring and other quality of life dominates the society.

In this regards, Italy has scored 70 which means it is highly thesis. People are highly success oriented and driven. They believe in healthy competition and give much importance on success. On the other hand, this score for Saudi Arabia is 60 which show that they are also driven by success and believes in competition, but sometimes they give more importance to quality of life than success Geert and Gert-Jan, It tells how people deal with the situation of ambiguity.

If the number is higher it means people are not cross with uncertain situation and vice versa. In case of Italy, this score is 75 which mean people of Italy are not cross with ambiguous situation.

Thus on the basis of the cultural discussion it can be said that there are certain similarity and certain difference between the two nations, that is, Italy and Saudi Arabia, cross, it is essential for the lady manager to understand the similarities and difference cultural the two nation before taking the assignment in the new country. The subsequent managements will now discuss management and management culture in Italy and will compare it with that of Saudi Arabia so as to make the lady manager of the DaVinci Apps completely aware of the theses which she needs to develop in order to achieve sustainability in the foreign market.

Master Thesis Cross Cultural Management

It will not gangster genre essay help the manager to survive their successfully but will also help the company in successfully expanding it business boundaries. Business And Management Culture Firstly, in Italy people do not give much importance to the values and beliefs.

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Master Thesis Cross Cultural Management

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Thus, the manager of DaVinci Apps must not accept a quick decision in Italy and thus must plan accordingly.

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It will not only help the manager to survive their successfully but will also help the company in successfully expanding it business boundaries.